Velankani GmbH - Sustainability Division

The Velankani Group, Bangalore, has various ventures in the field of information systems and technology, electronics, construction, renewable energies and sustainability. Recently an international team of researchers and engineers founded a sub-company of Velankani to address the environmental challenges in developing countries on sanitation and waste management.

Velankani offers technical solutions and consultancy services which are economically viable and can be easily implemented. We provide access to contemporary know-how, solutions and concepts suitable for low and middle income countries by developing customized affordable technologies and services by combining the technical expertise from Europe and manufacturing skills in developing countries like India. In close cooperation with the Velankani Group, a joint team in Germany and India is researching and developing optimal solutions for addressing the environmental and social challenges. Human health will immediately benefit from the reduction of air, noise, odour and water pollution through the proposed technologies.

Additionally, a sound waste management system reduces diseases and vermin within a respective area and the health impacts of waste workers and residents who are in proximity to waste processing plants. We see our clients as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every aspect of the client experience a little bit better.

In 2015, Velankani and its international cooperation partners conducted the first comprehensive waste characterization study in Bangalore for 1.66 million people. As part of this study, Velankani Sustainability designed cost-optimized collection systems and proposed optimal treatment solutions for the MSW of West-Zone Bangalore with the scientific support of German research organizations and universities. In 2016, the team analyzed the waste situation and composition in Electronics City and surrounding Gram Panchayats.

Considering the urgency to react to India’s environmental challenges, Velankani is expanding its team in India to develop conceptual solutions for several Indian cities simultaneously. Velankani developed a laboratory container to facilitate waste analysis studies. This waste analysis container includes mechanized rotating trommel screen with the ability to sieve 7 different fraction groups, shredder, a small scale laboratory for initial biological and chemical waste analysis, etc. The waste analysis container was developed in-house and can be easily transported to the area of study in order to reduce the costs for waste analysis.

Together with the container, Velankani offers consultancy of Indian and international waste analysis experts. To facilitate the analysis process, Velankani Sustainability has developed a manual for Solid Waste Analysis for Indian Municipalities in cooperation with Institute for Sanitary Engineering and Waste Management from the University of Hanover, Germany.

Currently, the international cooperation lead by Velankani Group is developing and implementing a pilot project for smart waste collection and treatment system in Electronics City and surrounding residential settlings for a population of 200,000 with continuous monitoring and process optimization.